Flattop Mountain Shuttle
In Anchorage, Alaska on 4th Ave between C & D
at Downtown Bicycle Rental

Anchorage, Alaska Blueberry Picking Techniques with Directions


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Flattop Mountain Shuttle carries hikers and blueberry pickers up to Flattop Mountain trailhead. There are many areas to pick blueberries, including Blueberry Loop, Blueberry Trail, Blueberry Overlook, Powerline trail, across the Middle Fork of Campbell Creek and more. Just follow the locals carrying their blueberry buckets.

How to Pick Blueberries in Anchorage, Alaska

First of all you should have a bucket or small container. Ask Pete for a blueberry pail. He has several available for his guests. If you plan on picking blueberries for more than 2 hours, you may need two buckets or a gallon ziplock baggy to put your fresh Alaska blueberries.

Use the blueberries you pick in jams, smoothies, on ice cream or with pie.

Some scientists say that a fruit is not fully nutritious until the moment it is ready to fall to the ground as a seed carrier.  The complex chemical changes in the plant that turn the fruit into one of the healthiest anti-oxident foods.

If hiking to the top of Flattop is too far for you, hike around "Blueberry Hill" and pick some blueberries instead. 

See Alaska blueberry picking photos here!


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